• Guitar 11.12.2006 Comments Off on Beginners – Acoustic or electric guitar?

    For most beginners, starting on an electric guitar gives you the best odds of success!

    We know this from decades of experience. Electric guitars have smaller strings that are easier to press down on.  The strings are also closer to the fingerboard so you don’t have to press as hard. The body of an electric guitar is smaller and thinner so that you can more easily see your fingers.  The neck is usually smaller in diameter so that makes it a little easier to play chords.

    There are times when starting on an acoustic guitar is the best choice.

    1. If you already own an acoustic guitar, go ahead and start lessons on it to make sure that guitar is the “right” instrument for you. Then if you stick with it you can reward yourself with an electric guitar after a few months of lessons.
    2. If you are an adult or large teen and you know you want to play acoustic guitar
      (because that is the sound you like).

  • Guitar 04.12.2006 Comments Off on Skinny Fingers, Chubby Fingers

    I have often heard concerns from students that they aren’t sure if they can play the guitar because their fingers are either too wide or too narrow.  The good news is that either can be a benefit to a guitar player!

    Students with wider fingers have the advantage of being able to press down on more than one string at a time with a single finger.  This can be a big advantage!

    Students with narrow fingers can easily position one finger between 2 others while chording and that is also a nice advantage!

    So whether you have normal, narrow, or wide fingers, don’t worry… be happy and quit making excuses! 🙂

    You can do it!