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    As a voice teacher, each week I have students come into lessons with scratchy, horse voices.  Vocal students struggle with frustration week after week with not being able to sing the way they want.  A lot of times in talking to the student about their week I find that bad singing technique isn’t the main problem… it is how they treat their voice during the week.  Screaming, whispering, and many other factors contribute to vocalists never being able to sing properly.

    Here are a few tips to protect your voice during the week so you can sing to the best of your ability!

    *Don’t scream, talk in a loud voice or whisper!

    All extremes are harmful to the vocal chords and will wear down and make your vocal chords swollen.  If this happens rest your voice!  Sometimes it could take up to a week for vocal chords to heal properly.  When you keep singing with swollen vocal chords they will only get worse and will take a very long time to heal.  When in a loud room, talk into your friend’s ears instead of talking over the noise.  When you are at a party or a sporting event, try to limit your yelling.

    *Don’t over sing!

    When singing in the car or at home, don’t turn the music up so loud that you have to over sing or shout to hear yourself.  This will harm your vocal chords.  Turn the music down so you can hear yourself.

    *Be mindful of your milk intake (especially within 24 hours of a performance)

    Dairy thickens the mucus in your throat thus making it difficult to control your voice.

    Try to always be aware of what you do with your voice.  Just like a guitar player keeps their guitar in a case so it doesn’t get beat up and ruined, we have to protect and keep our voice safe from harm so we can sound great and have a blast singing!

    ~ Rachel Nichols

  • Singers, Voice 19.06.2009 Comments Off on Karaoke CDs and MP3 – Background Tracks to Sing to

    You can find almost any song you need in Karaoke (Background tracks) format.  These recordings typically have just the music and sometime some backup vocals.  Often times they have a version of the song including the lead vocal for reference.  Just remember to search for the word karaoke and what ever song title you are looking for like…   karaoke jingle bells

    You can also try to search Google for the word midi and the name of the song you are looking for like…   midi jingle bells

    There are millions of songs that you can download for free all over the web in this format.  They don’t sound as good as mp3 or CDs.  Also they will only play on your computer. Sometimes they sound really cheesy  and occasionally really good. Either way they can help you by having something to sing to with rhythm and some harmony instruments to match your pitch to and the best part is they are usually free!

    Karaoke.com – Karaoke CDs.

    Amazon.com – Karaoke MP3 Downloads.

    Amazon.com – Karaoke CDs.

    Walmart.com – Karaoke MP3 Downloads.

    Walmart.com – Karaoke CDs.