• Occasional flu and cold symptoms are inevitable for most of us, especially during the colder months.  Added to the normal responsibilities of school and work, feeling under the weather can leave us with little energy leftover to practice music.  By all means, take a few days off of practice when you’re sick.  But what should you do when you feel well enough to get back into the swing of things? Here’s a few tips, whether you’re a piano guru, a guitar shredder, or a vocal star!


    • Wash your hands before lessons!  This is always a good idea, whether
      you’re sick or not.  Preventative care is an awesome way to help avoid
      spreading germs!
    • Aim to practice as regularly as possible – the more consistently you
      take time to rock out on your instrument, the easier it is to keep
      progressing and make learning fun!
    • Get plenty of rest – the more rested and relaxed you are coming to
      lesson, the easier it is to focus and think happy thoughts!

    For voice students, there’s a few other tips to follow:

    • Don’t over-sing.  Yes, it’s tempting to belt out your favorite song
      another 4 times, but doing so can inhibit recovery from colds.  When
      your vocal chords are swollen, keep vocal use in check.  It’s worth
    • Don’t sing too loudly, too quietly or too high.  Again, be as kind to
      your voice as possible.  Keep the singing range from venturing too
      high, and avoid volume extremes on either end.  Whispering is actually
      pretty tough on vocal chords, believe it or not.
    • Drink lots of liquids.  Water, hot herbal tea are especially great.
      Even when I’m healthy, I drink at least 10 cups of water a day.
      Staying hydrated is really important to the voice!
      Stay healthy in the new year, and keep rocking!

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    Posted by Tyler Tullock - Director @ 5:17 pm

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