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Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Singing, Drums, & Violin for Kids, Adults, & Beginners

Music lessons for beginners through advanced levels. In-person or online music lessons!

1,000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-star Reviews!  

  •  13 neighborhood music school locations
  •  In-Person lessons
  •  Online Zoom lessons
  •  Beginners welcome!
  •  Enthusiastic teachers make learning fun
  •  Month to month - No contracts!
  •  Choose the songs you want to learn!
  •  All Styles (rock, classical, country, blues, R&B, more)
  •  Many optional student concerts (recitals) each year
  •  FREE Wi-fi
  •  FREE registration for additional family members!
  •  Flexible scheduling options
  •  24-hour self-serve rescheduling
  •  Family owned and operated
  •  Amazing customer service
  •  Thousands of happy students - See our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews page



Our Portland school has been featured on FOX12 Oregon! Our teachers can help you even if you have never picked up an instrument before.

Lessons in Beaverton

Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Singing/Voice, Drums, Violin, & More!


piano lessons are fun

  • Piano lessons near me

    Piano is the easiest instrument to start with. It is the most visual instrument and easy to learn at any age. Playing piano is the perfect way to start learning music if you are unsure about which instrument you want to play.

    Most people start with inexpensive digital keyboards for a few years before purchasing a more expensive acoustic piano. We can help you choose an excellent inexpensive keyboard if you need help. No problem at all!

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two guitar students

  • Ukulele & Guitar lessons near me

    Guitar is a fantastic instrument for ages seven to adult. It doesn't matter if you are into rock, jazz, country, blues or classical. Guitar is the perfect instrument for all of these styles and more!

    Your five year old will have more fun learning ukulele for a year or two before switching to guitar at age seven. A ukulele is so much easier for them to play and hold at that age. Their experience on Uke will transfer over to guitar perfectly.

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voice student is singing

  • Singing/Voice lessons near me

    Voice lessons and Singing lessons are the same thing.

    For adults the sky is the limit as far as learning to sing! Contrary to popular belief almost no-one is truly tone deaf. The vast majority of us just need training to become good singers.

    Children must be careful not to sing too hard, too high or too low to avoid damaging the vocal chords. For young children we offer "Piano and Singing" that are a fun combo of sing-a-longs, piano, rhythm & music learning games.

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drum student

  • Drum lessons near me

    Drums are a very special instrument. To be a good drummer you must repeat the same patterns over and over until you can keep a steady beat. Many kids are just natural drummers. If your child is always banging away on things and isn't afraid of repetition, congratulations, you have a drummer on your hands.

    Embrace the rhythm in your home or apartment, let him/her start on an electric drumset with headphones at first. We can help you find one at an affordable price if you wish. We are happy to help!

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violin students warming up

  • Viola / Violin lessons near me

    Violin is one of the most beautiful instruments ever made. We can teach you how to play violin or viola the right way. Proper technique is critical to your success.

    Children have to have a violin that fits them. No other instrument has as many different sizes. Make sure you speak to your music teacher before you purchase or rent the wrong size violin!

    Because children grow so fast, most parents choose to rent a violin so they can easily trade-up to a larger size as their child grows.

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female bass guitar student

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