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What is the best age to start learning?

Seven years old is about the earliest you want to start a child on guitar. Adults can start at any age! We recommend starting children at the age of five or six on keyboard/piano for a year or two. Then they have a huge head-start when they transition to guitar at the age of seven and it usually goes very smoothly for them.

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Is guitar a difficult instrument to learn?

Guitar is not a difficult instrument to learn if you have a good teacher. In fact, it can be a blast! Many people try to teach themselves and give up quickly because it isn't a very natural instrument when you first pick it up. You need to feel comfortable with your instrument. The guitar needs to be adjusted properly and have the correct strings in order to minimize discomfort. The way you hold your guitar is critical. Our fantastic guitar teachers can get you up and running quickly!

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How long will it take me to learn how to play?

Most songs have some really fun riffs, licks & chords that you can take home with you after your very first lesson! Of course there are tons of more challenging songs that will take you longer. You will never get bored playing the guitar but you can learn songs you know right away!

How long are lessons?

Most students take weekly half-hour, private lessons. One hour guitar lessons are also available but generally are only necessary for advanced-level students. A lesson will start with a brief review of what you have been working on over the previous week followed by new songs, techniques, etc. for you to work on at home until you see your teacher the next time. A professional guitar teacher can give you more than enough to keep you busy for the entire week!

Which styles of music do you teach?

Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Classical, Children's and much more! All of our teachers can teach the most popular styles of guitar and we have some teachers that specialize in styles such as classical, jazz, metal, and much more!

Do you offer lessons for beginners through advanced-level students?

Yes. We have guitar teachers that teach beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. All of our teachers are excellent with beginners and we welcome students that have never even picked up a guitar before!

Should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?

The majority of kids and adult students are more successful learning on electric guitars. Both types of guitars are similar in price. Please see our blog post about the pros and cons of acoustic and electric guitars here.

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