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How young can a child be to start singing lessons?

There are two answers to that: five and ten years old. Read below for more details.

A young voice can be damaged by singing too loud, high, low or incorrectly. For a student to take serious voice lessons (like teens and adults do) it is usually best for them to start no earlier than the age of ten. That being said, kids as young as five can have fun and benefit from taking a more casual approach to learning how to sing. We offer kids from five to nine years old a mixture of fun sing-a-long type songs that they know and love as well as working on improving pitch and rhythm. These "Piano and Singing" lessons also mix in some basic piano/keyboarding skills as well. These lessons stay away from pushing the young voice too hard and are just right for kids that like to sing but aren't quite old enough for popular or classical approaches to singing.

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I think I have a tin ear (I'm tone deaf). Can you teach me to sing better?

Absolutely! In our experience, virtually everyone can learn to sing better. Most can learn to sing quite well and many can become extraordinary vocalists! We can't guarantee that you'll win a Grammy award but you will be pleased with your progress as long as you are willing to practice what your teacher asks you to.

How long will it take me to learn to sing?

Many people see good results after about 12 voice lessons. That doesn't mean you will be a world class singer after only a few months but you can learn the basics to get you started on the right path in three to six months. After that many people continue to take lessons for many years. Others just want the basics or need some brushing up after not singing for a long time. Whatever your goals and needs are, we can help!

What styles of voice do you teach?

Most every style! Pop, rock, classical, jazz, county, etc. You name it. We have many teachers that specialize in different genres. For the first few months the fundamentals are mostly the same for all different styles. You will be focusing on proper breathing, support, pitch control, dynamics, stage presence, etc.

Can I perform in recitals or concerts through your school?

Definitely! Multiple times each year we have student concerts. There is nothing like the feeling of performing. Some people don't want to perform and just prefer to sing for their own pleasure. No problem at all. We understand. But if you wish to show off a bit or add some excitement to your life then we have many opportunities for you to perform. We also have adult only recitals each year. Sometimes the adults just feel a little more comfortable performing with other adults and so we offer that as well. Students who have taken just a few lessons all the way to very advanced level students who have been singing for years participate. Let's have some fun!

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