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More than 2,000 of our students are already taking online music lessons from the safety and comfort of their own homes!

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Kid, Teens, and Adults are enjoying Online Music Lessons!   

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, More...   

Private online music lessons are fantastic for students ages 7 and up! We also teach a large number of teens and adults.  Most of us have a lot of extra time lately.  NOW is the PERFECT time to learn to play an instrument or sing!  You can make some amazing progress while the world is on pause.   

"Thank you 4/4 School of Music for having my son engaged in music during these difficult and unusual times. This is the most excited 30 mins of Ananth's life every week now! So glad that Robert is still teaching."

~ Anupama

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Violin, Singing, and more!

Piano student takes lessons online

How do online music lessons work?

You meet one-on-one with your personal music teacher each week at the same time and day.  A lesson will usually start with a brief review of what you have been working on over the previous week followed by new songs, techniques, etc. for you to work on until you see your teacher the next time.

A professional music teacher can give you more than enough to keep you busy for the entire week!

Our teachers use the fantastic LessonMate software to send you a rich multimedia assignment email after each face-to-face private music lesson. 

Lesson assignments provide you with a to do list and often contain example videos from your teacher, music, pdf files, etc.  Everything you need to stay busy and having fun while learning music all week long! 

Piano student takes lessons online

"Oh my gosh, the virtual lesson went so well for my son Carter! Thank you for making this possible."

~ Joe T.

Drum student taking Zoom music lessons

What equipment do I need to take Zoom music lessons?

You will want to have an instrument at home to learn and practice on.  Even a very inexpensive instrument is good for those that are just starting!  You will also need a phone, tablet, or computer that can run the Zoom app.  It is free and we will tell you how to download it and start using it in just 3 simple steps. We have many seven year old Zoom music lesson students that operate the app all by themselves - it is super easy!  

Piano student takes lessons online

Are Zoom music lessons secure?  

Yes! We use the waiting room feature and a password to prevent anyone from attending a lesson that the teacher doesn’t recognize.

There is always just one student and one teacher in any lesson. Teachers dismiss one student and then go to the waiting room and admit the next student. The recent requirement of using a password makes it virtually impossible for any uninvited guest’s name to even show up in the waiting room much less be invited by a teacher into a lesson. No Zoombombing here!

Piano student takes lessons online

Do you offer online music lessons for beginners through advanced-level students?

Yes!  We have music teachers that teach beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. All of our teachers are excellent with beginners and we welcome students that have never even picked up a instrument or tried to sing before!

Our students and parents LOVE online music lessons at 4/4 School of Music! For more info or to get started just click the button below!

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"I'm so glad you guys are doing this because all the other activities were canceled. We're so happy she can still see Nick and she is very excited! Also glad someone else can take over for a while so I can breathe!"

~ A Happy Mom

"First, a big shout out to your organization for getting the virtual lessons going. My girls have really anchored on that in their week as something they look forward to. Thank you!"

~ A 4/4 School of Music Parent

"Wow! Thank you so much! As always, you guys have blown me away with your speed and professionalism. We've been using Zoom all week for school so we are ready on our end. =)"

~ A 4/4 School of Music Parent

"I'm not sure who to express this to in particular but our family is very grateful that 44 school of music has always had amazing customer service and even though we're not having our lesson tonight the fact that you are choosing to do remote learning is amazing and it's very much appreciated!"

~ Molly

"Hi there - I wanted to let you know that we had our ukulele lesson yesterday with Riley and it went GREAT! The technology worked flawlessly and it was time well spent. Thanks for quickly implementing this online model in response to the virus pandemic. Well done!"

~ A 4/4 School of Music Parent

"Excellent. Raghav is currently hooked up to the Zoom App and I've connected it to the TV and I can see Mr Kevin teaching him. It is so seamless and ubiquitous experience. Great feeling. Thanks for setting us up and taking us through and supporting us through these challenging times. Thank you and Y'all Stay Safe."

~ Vimal

"Thank you soooo much for this platform."

~ Harry H.

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