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Do I have to own a drum set to take drum lessons?

No. Many students start learning on a rubber practice pad and a pair of sticks. Adults can start at any age! We recommend starting children at the age of five or six on keyboard/piano for a year or two. Then they have a huge head-start when they transition to Drum at the age of seven and it usually goes very smoothly for them.

Do I have to bring sticks to my first lesson?

No. Your teacher will have a pair you can borrow for the first lesson. Your teacher will suggest a pair of sticks that are the correct size for you based on music style, experience, etc. Then you can pick up a pair at a music store and bring them to future lessons.

Should I learn on an acoustic or electric drum kit?

If you are a beginner it doesn't really matter. There are some advantages to each. The cost is similar between electric and acoustic drums. You can wear headphones with electric drums and you can put rubber pads (silencers) on acoustic drums to bring the volume down. Please speak with your drum teacher about which drum set is right for you, your lifestyle and budget. You can always call our school office and someone will be happy to help you as well.

What age is best to start learning to play drums?

Adults can start anytime! Students as young as five can learn to play but it is usually best if they wait until the age of seven to take drum lessons. Many people call us and say "my child plays pots and pans all the time and he is four years old. We want to get him into drum lessons." There is a big difference in having fun pounding away on pots, pans or even your desk if you are an adult and having your teacher give you certain patterns and songs to work on over and over until they are correct. Children under five generally don't have the attention span to take drum lessons. Instead, start them on keyboard until the age of seven and then switch them to drums if you really want to give them the best chance at success. Of course there are exceptions so please call us if you think your child is ready for drum lessons!

Do I have to bring my drum set to each lesson?

No. We have drum kits at each school for you to use at your lessons. However, you should bring your sticks (after the first lesson) and any books or other materials your teacher has you working on from week to week.

Do you teach snare drum and other percussion instruments?

Yes. Please call us for details as there are many different percussion instruments out there and various teachers at our many schools teach specific percussion instruments.

Do I have to know how to read music to play drums?

No. Your teacher will introduce you to drum music as you learn to play. Drum music notation is different than music notation for other instruments and is much easier to learn!

Are there performance opportunities for drummers at Four Four School of Music?

Yes. We have many student concerts each year! Drummers can perform solo or with others in bands at our student concerts. You can even perform at our concerts in other states if you wish and concert participation is always free.

What kind of drums do you recommend for a beginner?

Please see our Drum Buyer's Guide at the link below. It has a lot of advice on instruments you can purchase that will be excellent for you to start with.

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