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How do I find the best teacher for myself or my child?

Just call us! We spend a huge amount of time every day matching students with our teachers. We know them all very well. We know their strengths and weaknesses, what styles they specialize in and if they are great with kids and beginners. We speak to their students, parents of their students and to the other teachers that they work with every day! We could write a couple of paragraphs about each one on this web page but honestly it wouldn't help you very much. We used to do that and students would often choose a teacher that wasn't the best for their needs. Let us help you so you have an incredible experience learning to play or sing music.

Do you have teachers that can teach me piano and voice?

Yes. Most of our schools have teachers that teach both piano and voice.

Do you have teachers that can teach me guitar and voice?

Yes. Many of our schools have teachers that teach both guitar and voice.

Will your teachers teach me how to play music even if I don't want to learn to read music?

Sure. We understand that. Any of our teachers can help you. Most people who request this have had a bad experience in the past trying to learn from a teacher that just wasn't good at explaining and teaching how to read standard music notation. You will probably find if you work with a good, experienced music teacher that learning to read music isn't that hard and can really expand your options immeasurably! It is always up to you though.

Can your teachers help me with my fear of being on stage?

Yes. Many of our teachers have a lot of experience dealing with stage fright both personally and with other students. It is something that almost everyone can reduce or completely eliminate over time.

Can my teacher help me record a demo?

Many of our teachers have laptops with pretty amazing recording capabilities. Also, you can call the school and talk to the Director about your goals to record a demo if you wish. He has worked in and owned recording studios for years.

Who Are The Teachers?

More than 120 top local music teachers teach at 4/4 School of Music! They come from all different backgrounds and have different areas of specialization. Click here for a list of our faculty

We receive more than 2,000 applications from prospective teachers each year! We interview, audition, interview again, train and screen each one. Then we speak to former students, parents and employers about them to make sure they have what it takes to be a 4/4 School of Music teacher. All of our teachers meet one or more of the following criteria: