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About Us

Ten Years of Fun!

More than 8,000 students have studied music at Four Four School of Music!

As of 2014, there are eleven Four Four School of Music locations in Washington, Oregon & Texas. Four Four School of Music has more than 50 active music teachers as a part of the "family." We are proud to have built one of the nation's best private music schools.

50+ Amazing Music Teachers

Antonio M, Aaron N, Adam E, Adam Y, Amy B, Antonio M, Ben C, Brad R, Bree B, Brenton A, Carl M, Chris B, Chris J, Christina P, David L, Dora B, Emmett G, Heidi D, Ian S, Isaac C, James L, Jeff M, Jenn S, Jessica C, Jessica S, Joan D, Jodi F, John P, Jon H, Jonathan P, Justin J, Katelyn B, Kevin S, Kristen H, Kristie W, Kristin H, Landon S, Laura K, Lena B, Maiah M, Megan M, Meowset A, Michael P, Michelle C, Morgan H, Natalie H, Nick W, Paul M, Pierce G, Rachel G, Rachel N, Reid B, Riley S, Ryan C, Shonda P, Steve B, Tim H,

Our Fantastic Office Staff

School Director Tyler Tullock

Tyler Tullock


The Director, Tyler Tullock, has been teaching private music lessons since the age of ten. After almost 30 years of teaching and more than 3,000 students later, he hired two of his former understudies (Steve Bambrough and Ryan Casperson) to assist him and his family in forming 4/4 School of Music, LLC.

Bonnie in Customer Service

Bonnie Tullock

Office Manager

Bonnie (Mom) keeps everything running smoothly in the office. She'll make you laugh and talk your ear off. The most important thing to her is that you are happy with your teacher and your time here at 4/4. She's also a cancer surviver and speed walked her first 5k race at the age of 67. Go Mom!

CFO Eric Tullock

Eric Tullock


Eric writes the checks and is the business development guru here at Four Four School of Music. He has a great sense of humor. He enjoys studying saxophone and clarinet as well as driving his two kids crazy every chance he gets.

Cheryl S in Customer Service


Customer Service

If you are speaking to a wonderful lady with a raspy voice you are probably speaking to Cheryl. Cheryl is a proud mom and doesn't want us to tell you that sometimes when you are speaking to her she is visiting her grandchildren in Florida in the warm sun :-) She LOVES our internet based phones.

Libby T in Customer Service


Customer Service

Another proud grandmother that loves babysitting when she isn't helping you on the phone is Libby. She is often out in her garden making the plants happy while on lunch break. Libby is often answering the phone at night so if you want to speak with her that is the best time to catch her.

Siona L in Customer Service


Customer Service

Sophia is the newest member of our customer service staff. Siona is currently take a few lessons on guitar, piano, voice & drums to be able to assist you in finding the best teacher for yourself and/or your child.

Assistant Director Ryan Casperson

Ryan Casperson

Assistant Director

Ryan was a music student of Tyler when he was a teenager. After going away to get a degree in music, he began teaching for Four Four School of Music nearly ten years ago. Ryan takes care of concert administration as well as everything else we throw at him. Ryan is one of the best music teachers we know, an all around fantastic guy and a proud dad.

Rachel Nichols in Human Resources

Rachel Nichols

Human Resources

As head of human resources here at Four Four, Rachel reviews more than 1,000 job applications each year from teachers that are eager to teach at Four Four. Then she interviews and trains many of them. Rachel is also one of our most experienced and best music teachers when she isn't going through applications. Rachel is a proud mom.

Susan H - Bookkeeper



Sitting at the computer is where you will find Susan most of the time. She handles accounting for all students here at Four Four each month. If you need to change your tuition payment info she is the girl for you! She tirelessly makes sure that more than 1,000 accounts are perfect each month. What a great gal!