Picture-Perfect Posture: Voice

If you're in voice lessons, you've probably had your teacher lead you through some stretches, tell you to keep your knees relaxed, etc.  Ever wonder why?  Body positioning plays a significant role in producing a strain-free, natural sound. Over the course of the day - especially if we're spending long hours sitting at a desk! - the shoulders and neck tend to hold tension and the breath tends to be shallow.  Releasing unnecessary tension and relaxing the breath are paramount to developing a richer sound.  Here are a few specific posture-related pointers to focus on:
  • Feet should be around shoulder-length apart, ideally with one foot a bit further forward than the other - this helps "root" you to the ground.  Avoid slouching.  Keep weight evenly distributed.
  • Knees should be loose, not locked!
  • Hands ought to rest at your sides - avoid crossing arms, putting hands on hips, etc.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and back -- think of standing tall with chest open, but not in a forced, strained manner.
  • Keep chin roughly parallel to ground - don't raise your chin to hit high notes, it creates strain!
It's worthwhile to take a few minutes before singing to check your posture -- it will make a difference! ~ Jennifer Iovanne

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