Karaoke CDs and MP3 – Background Tracks to Sing to

You can find almost any song you need in Karaoke (Background tracks) format.  These recordings typically have just the music and sometime some backup vocals.  Often times they have a version of the song including the lead vocal for reference.  Just remember to search for the word karaoke and what ever song title you are looking for like…   karaoke jingle bells You can also try to search Google for the word midi and the name of the song you are looking for like...   midi jingle bells There are millions of songs that you can download for free all over the web in this format.  They don’t sound as good as mp3 or CDs.  Also they will only play on your computer. Sometimes they sound really cheesy  and occasionally really good. Either way they can help you by having something to sing to with rhythm and some harmony instruments to match your pitch to and the best part is they are usually free! Youtube Karaoke Songs Karaoke.com – Karaoke CDs. Amazon.com – Karaoke MP3 Downloads. Amazon.com – Karaoke CDs.

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