Why should I learn music theory?

With my own students I try to avoid using the term "Music Theory."  It sounds difficult and boring to most.  I like to call it "How Music Works."  Most students would love to know how music works but don't want anything to do with MUSIC THEORY. How can I use this knowledge of "How Music Works?"
  1. Play lead guitar
  2. Songwriting
  3. Figuring out what chords might sound better than the one on the page in front of you.
  4. Change the key of a song to fit your voice (Transposing)
  5. Figure out what notes will sound good behind another musician's part.
  6. Know how the BREAK the rules so you can create a really fresh sound.
  7. Get yourself out of a rut when you have a part of a song written but cannot just randomly come up with another part that goes with the one you already have (Maybe you have a verse but cannot come up with a good chorus).
  8. Figure out songs by ear faster by listening to the radio or your iPod (Transcribing).
  9. Almost anything you want to do with music is made easier and even possible by knowing "How Music Works."
  10. Many, many more reasons!
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