The Shape of Your Pick Matters!

Earlier, we discussed how the thickness of your pick can impact your playing. This time, let's take a look at the shape of the pick. Rounded Tip Picks: These picks don't "bite" into the strings and as a result, work great for strumming. The pick can glide over the strings without getting stuck on any individual string. The drawback is that picking individual strings becomes more effort. Pointy Tip Picks: These are preferred by players who like to play fast, intricate lines. The point can "stick" to the string and greatly increase your accuracy and speed when alternate picking, string skipping, or tremolo picking. Fast players prefer these greatly! Large Pick vs. Small Pick: This is a point of debate, but my opinion is that the larger the pick, the more you need to control. While it is easier to hold on to a larger pick, getting it to move fast takes more effort. The small "Jazz" picks are more maneuverable and once you get used to them, I find it hard to use anything else. Having problems holding onto your pick while playing? Try using picks with either raised writing or holes through it. If your favorite pick doesn't have either, try drilling a couple holes yourself (or use a hole punch if you're strong enough!). There are glue-like products you can put on the pick to make it stickier, but I think that would really be the last resort. Who wants to clean glue up every time they play guitar? Of course, there is a right pick out there for every player, so try them all out and find yourself the perfect pick! Guitar Lessons in Lynnwood, Washington

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