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Singing/Voice Lessons in McKinney for Kids/Beginners/Adults | 4/4 School of Music

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Voice lessons for ages 10 and up. Singing lessons for ages 5 and up. We welcome beginners! Learn to sing your favorite songs starting with your very first lesson! Almost everyone can learn to sing well if they follow the guidance of a good voice teacher and practice daily.

Voice lessons are fun at Four Four because we focus on songs you want to sing. You will also get important vocal warm-ups, exercises and learn about reading music, harmonizing and more.

See our home page to learn more about singing and voice lessons!

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Singing and Voice Lessons at our McKinney Music School

Do you teach instruments as well as voice?

Yes we do! Many voice students also take piano lessons or guitar lessons so they can sing along with the instrument and write their own songs. Music lessons are available for Guitar, Piano, Voice / Singing, Drums, Bass and more.

How much are singing or voice lessons?

Please check our tuition page for tuition. Contact us HERE to find out how much music lessons cost for your instrument, length of lessons and the school you wish to attend. Our teachers are very busy so please call us to find out which times are available.

Can I take voice lessons in the evening or on Saturdays?

Yes. Most student prefer lesson times that are afterschool and after work. We also offer lesson on Saturdays for your convenience. Space is limited and our teachers are busy so call us today to find out exactly which times are available.

How young can a child start taking singing lessons?

Five years old is about the earliest most children should start. Our teachers make lessons fun and try to keep young ones interested during the weekly lessons. But in order for your child to make noticeable progress, he/she will need to practice on their own or with your assistance at home other days of the week. In most cases, four year olds just aren't ready for private singing lessons. There are many sing and play programs out there for children four and under that are usually more appropriate for them. Call us if you need help finding one of these programs for your child. We are always happy to help!

For more info please see our home page!

Home Page

A short drive from: Plano, Frisco, Allen, Fairview, Lowry Crossing, Lucas, Parker, Princeton, New Hope and Melissa.

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