Ever Other Week Lessons (Bi-Weekly)

There are many reasons why we don't offer “every other week” lessons. Here are just a few:

  1. From our experience in the past, 90% of students taking lessons scheduled ever other week will drop out of lessons (and stop learning) within a month or two.
  2. When something comes up and you have to miss a lesson due to illness or scheduling conflicts it will be an entire MONTH between lessons. Habits and skills are created and learned by constant, regular exposure.  Every couple of weeks with occasional month sized gaps are not sufficient for the vast majority of music students to make any real progress.
  3. Things come up and you will need to reschedule sometimes.  With weekly lessons at least you will get 3 lessons in a month and most of the time you can reschedule the one you missed so that you don’t loose any progress you have made recently.
  4. 90% of scheduling errors (2 students showing at the same time or showing at the wrong time) occur with students taking every other week lessons. This is a huge problem for students, teachers and music schools.

If you are considering taking every other week lessons because of money or time reasons, you can achieve the same goals with FAR better results if you take weekly lessons a month on and then a month off.

This way you can make some real progress during the month on and work on your own on the month off.  After teaching more than 8,000 students  we have a lot of experience in what works and what doesn't.  It is generally a complete waste of money for students to take every other week lessons.  We don't charge a registration fee so there is no cost penalty to take a month on and month off. Voice Lessons near Portland

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